Out of the clover shaped pond, the frog has set his eye on the slow gliding movements high above. Climbing through the the reeds and rushes until he finds himself close enough to leap towards the oblivious snail.

The bistro table “Amphibien” by the London artist Stuart N.R. Wolfe, evokes plants, water and some basic forms of life. A fleeting moment, capturing and juxtaposing fast and slow movements to each other. The harmonious geometrical forms are based on both art deco and renaissance sculpture.

How would your “living sculpture” look ?

All constructed architectural bronze furnishing and the bronze figures are exclusive art works, that may be freely combined, according to your personal preference.

You are also welcome to commission an individual object, for example, shelves, chairs, vitrine etc. with a theme of your own liking.


Safety glass
Glass: 66 x 0,8 cm
Hight: 70 cm
Base: 45 cm

Product sheet (PDF)