Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, of plenty and of social order. Like no other god she stands for the planning, structuring and cultivation of civil society. With a clam and steady gaze, she observes the clear surface and the straight lines of an unsown field.

Dionysus, the “liberator”, on the other hand, is the god of wine, music and dance; he is a friend of pleasure and sensuality. Together these two gods form the symbiosis that any creative process needs. With a balanced look they stand opposite each other, as if poised on an invisible weighing scale.

How would your “living sculpture” look ?

All constructed architectural bronze furnishing and the bronze figures are exclusive art works, that may be freely combined, according to your personal preference.

You are also welcome to commission an individual object, for example, shelves, chairs, vitrine etc. with a theme of your own liking.

Safety glass
French Nutwood
Length: 210 cm
Width: 80 cm
Hight: 75 cm

Product sheet (PDF)