Stuart Nigel Reid Wolfe
Curriculum Vitae
2018Delightful commissions for a collector in France
Travel with my work to Majorca, France and Portugal visiting new collectors
2016Emphasis on animal drawings and figures for collectors in USA and Italy.
Stw - design work is in flourishing with articles, films and blogs in Europe,
Korea and Puerto Rico.
2015The year of the fair's in Switzerland, Berlin and Paris
2014Continue to add to the "living sculpture" series
2013Develop the design series "berlin-re-cycling"
2012Begin the series "living sculpture"
2012Installation project "Sturgeon r.t.r."
2012Art tutor in the Blind School Johann-August-Zeune
2011Commission and realisation of the annual "Deutsche Aids Hilfe" prize
2011International Landart project "Hanging Hedges"
2010International Landart project "Hanging Forest"
2008Building project on the farm in south England
2008Begins writing and illustrating his first children’s story
2007various travels to England, France, Italy
2007Recovers from an assassination attempt
2006Farm project on the outskirts of Berlin
2006travels through Asia, various commissions in restoration / architecture
2005realization of large art projects
2004opens the “gallery sleeping dogs”, organizing an extensive series of
exhibitions under the title „4 europeans 1 dog“ with international artists
in collaboration with numerous European Embassies
2003Artist in residence in the British International School art and drama
2002concentrates on work in the studio
2001travels through out Europe, delve into various commissions
2000survives New Year; finally renovates his studio; new projects with
architects, begins work as Hotel photographer
1999begin various school projects, invitation to a restricted competition in
Berlin, exhibitions in France and Italy
1998-99travels to Spain and Italy, first projects with architects, project:
Am Priesterberg 10 , Pannierstr 41 and youth project
Sachsenhausen "Gedenkplatz Klinkerwerk"
1996-97works on installations in Berlin and Sachsenhausen, travels to Malaysia,
visit to Wien in Austria, begins work on
project „Art and Architecture“
1991-95intensive work in the studio; international exhibitions
1989via Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Caledonia, Tahiti, USA once
around the globe and back to Berlin
1987-88travels to Warschau, Prague, Rome and Florence
1986commences work as sculptor and painter
1981-83acting, begins with children's theatre then on tour with Horst Frank, works
in the Freie Volksbühne Berlin and the Komödie in Stuttgart. Various parts
in film and television, working with Peter Sellers, Morgan Fairchild,
Armin Müller-Stahl, Michael York and Mathieu Carriere
1981in Berlin; attends the circus school of the Tempodrom; Drama lessons
with Elsa Bongers and Otto Sander
1979-80drama school in London
1978proceeds to London for his -A - levels
1978spent half a year living in Paris, playing music in the street
1977travels via Berlin, France and Israel to Africa, through different countries in
Africa; returning to Berlin at the end of the year
1976theatre work in New York and New Jersey, USA
1975worked in the Schiller theatre as stagehand, later as cloakroom attendant
for the actors
1971returned to Berlin; completed schooling at the John F. Kennedy School
in 1975
1968-70lived in India (Bangalore), attended the  Bishop Cotton Boys School
1961enrolled in the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin Germany
1956Stuart N.R.Wolfe born in London