Dusk falls on the savannah as the day’s heat slowly disappears, as the lion couple appear, moving out from the restful shade of trees, to view their flickering hunting grounds. The falcon, too, perched on a high seat, casts his eager eyes towards the evening breeze. Predators all, searching the horizon for movement of prey.

The book case “Arabesque” by the London artist Stuart N.R. Wolfe, entwines romantic European themes with illustrious motives of ornamented and oriental beauty.

How would your “living sculpture” look ?

All constructed architectural bronze furnishing and the bronze figures are exclusive art works, that may be freely combined, according to your personal preference.

You are also welcome to commission an individual object, for example, shelves, chairs, vitrine etc. with a theme of your own liking.

Safety glass
Length: 114 cm
Depth: 34/17 cm
Hight: 207 cm

Product sheet (PDF)