Pan was greeted with great pleasure on mount Olympus and all the god’s agreed in their delight and contentment with the neu God. Pan – all.
Accompanied by the king and queen of the grass lands, Pan is standing in a lofty sphere, contentedly viewing his surroundings and beyond, into the depths of the oval pond beneath him.

The generously elegant table “Colloquy” by the London artist Stuart N.R. Wolfe, balances tradition and modernity as well as mythology with an aesthetic reality.

How would your “living sculpture” look ?

All constructed architectural bronze furnishing and the bronze figures are exclusive art works, that may be freely combined, according to your personal preference.

You are also welcome to commission an individual object, for example, shelves, chairs, vitrine etc. with a theme of your own liking.

Safety glass
Length: 500 cm
Width: 170 cm
Hight: 87 cm

Product sheet (PDF)