With respect to my work


To respect the chance that I have as an artist is in a certain sense, an obligation.

In other words, it is my conviction, that the human being remains the most important subject. However, I do consider us to be part of the universe, not its pinnacle. In many ways, human beings are vulnerable, inadequate and thirsting to be loved. It is more than likely, that it is thanks to these qualities, that people remain just so lovable. When we are able to accept and appreciate this, we will be more apt to realise the values of a humanistic philosophy.

My subjects, are those of everyday life; power, love, influence, wealth, eroticism and the compulsory confusion that follows these as their valet and of course, keeping close company, is their ambivalent footman. After all, what is a dagger without a wound?

Since everyone does and should feel free, to criticize figurative sculpture, it opens the door to opinion and that in itself, is a virtue and the seed for an important chance.