Art & Architecture

Projects with architects and landscape architects represent the central interest of
my sculptural work. I enjoy the team effort that concentrates on solving a mutual
problem, as well as the end result of a sculpture in correspondence to a garden,
park, or architecture.
I intend to intensify this aspect over and above the projects I have already completed.
Further more, I have developed a method of moulding any given building, building site
or other structure in such a fashion that it can then be pieced together and reintroduced
on, or in, the chosen object in any number of materials, sizes and colours.



Built between 2000 - 2001, a modern villa with a classical Greek/Roman atrium.
I was commissioned for two mosaics and a life size bronze figure. The gingko
leaves of the mosaic seem to be blown through the house, one of them has stuck
to the leg of the figure Pan, who is standing half toward the house half to the large
pond at the bottom of the garden. Both the mosaics and the figure were drafted and
modelled for this project. I worked together with the landlord and the architects
G. Kühn von Kaehne and S. Haase.




Am Priesterberg

A modern town villa, built between 1994 - 1996 in one of Berlin's more exclusive
suburbs. The figure grey man I was chosen by the architects as a piece of modern
sculpture, cast in cement that fitted perfectly to their building. The architects are
O. Collignon and F. Fischötter.





A tenement house of the early 1900's was to be restored and reconstructed.
My contribution was the ornamental design for the walls of the stairwells,
entrances and the façade, as well as the bronze tableaux and the sculpture
Corner looker. The art and the figure were drafted and modelled specifically 
for this building.
I worked together with the architects H. Schweitzer and M. Paus.